Spring 2016 Thunder Beach Newsletter

April 15, 2016

By the time you receive this we should finally be having some nice spring weather. The website is now up and running and ready for you to sign up for your annual memberships, enrol your kids in camp and purchase your event tickets. Remember the membership deadline to get into the Roster is May 21, 2016 – so don’t delay sign up now!

Your Executive and others have been working very hard to get ready for another great summer season at Thunder Beach. Check out all of the events you can participate in as described in the newsletter or on the website. Of special note is the Gord Chapple day on July 9 which is an event being run by the Mihaichuk and Saundercook families.

We are very fortunate to have Betsy and Emily back as our head counsellors and I know they have a very exciting camp program planned. And we will have our brand new playground ready to use – watch for details about an opening event.

Through our membership dues , generous donations of our members, successful social and sales events and very effective  sponsorship efforts spearheaded by Louise Leone and Susan Inrig, our financial situation is stable and we are very pleased to advise that we are in a position to resurface the tennis courts early next year. (See Matt Ducharme’s article for more details.)

We are always in need of more volunteers for events and as Executive members so don’t be shy – get involved. We are still looking for more website and roster sponsors so if you know anyone please send them our way – and don’t forget to patronize the sponsors. And also Doug Jones who runs the unbelievably successful youth baseball program which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary is looking for sponsors for his specially designed anniversary jerseys so get in touch with Doug if you would like to help with that.  

On a sad note the Beach lost at least two, of which I am aware, longstanding residents, both of whom could be considered Thunder Beach icons. Louis De Lisa the dock master and Joey Bricco brother to Anne Saundercook, egg toss partner to Bill Saundercook, bicycle rider,  lover of sweets and giver of big hugs. Sincere condolences to the De Lisa and Saundercook families – Joey and Louis will really be missed.  

The water levels seem high again this year… John and FOTTSA seem to be working their magic.   

See you at the Beach.

Andrew Macdonald, President

Membership Renewal and Roster Deadline

The 2016 TBA Memberships are now available for renewal. A TBA membership is required in order to be included in the TBA Roster and to take advantage of other member benefits such as Tennis Membership and the Children's Camp Program. Young adults 25 and over must individually register.  This year's Roster deadline is May 21, 2016. If you would like to be included in the 2016 TBA Roster, you must renew your membership by this date, so please don’t delay. 

Renew Your Membership

If you choose not to use the website you many send your cheques payable to the Thunder Beach Association c/o Ellen Macdonald, 55 Old Orchard Grove, Toronto, M5M 2C8.

If there are corrections to be made to the directory ie addresses, email addresses, names etc please email corrections to emac55@rogers.com.

Social Update

Summer is almost here! Please mark your calendars and save the date for this summer’s social events. 

Lobsterfest - Saturday, July 2nd 

Just like last year, join us in kicking off the summer with fresh lobsters, french fries by Jamie Kennedy Kitchens, and crowd favourite DJ Bryan Taylor. 

August Event Night - Saturday, July 30th  

Our August event will actually take place in July this year thanks to the long weekend schedule. We'll have to refer to it as August(ish). A big thank you to Carly Nettesheim, who has volunteered to join in the organization of the August Event Night , dinner and dance.  Theme TBA!

Event tickets are available to be purchased online.  As always, we suggest that you buy your event tickets while signing up for your TBA membership to ensure that you do not miss out.

Geoff MacGregor, Social Program Director


Gord-O-Day!  Saturday, July 9th

Hello Folks,

I am happy to report that Gord-O has been very busy working on the design of the new lift and retrofitting his boat so he and Skipper Bill Saundercook can hit the high seas this summer at Thunder Beach.

Please mark July 9th in your calendars as Gord-O-Day! We plan to a have an action filled day for Gord Chapple and, all of you that can join us to celebrate a true Thunder Beacher, who has great passion for our most favourite summer destination.

The events of the day are as follows:

Gord-O-Tennis (morning)

Gord will be visiting the tennis courts for the annual TBA Mixed Doubles Event. Please plan to come by from 11am to 12pm to join  Gord as he presents the winning pair with the Championship Cup and for a brief photo session. Refreshments will be served.

Gord-O-Golf (afternoon)

Please plan to join Gord at the ‘5-Holer’ for the first Annual Gord-O-5 Holer Golf Championship. Shotgun start will be 1pm. A special thanks to the Naylor family for donating their golf course for this event. We will be limited to 40 golfers, so please sign up earlier.

Gord-O-DinnerDance (evening)

Cocktails will be at 6pm to kickoff the evening’s festivities. Dinner, dance and live music will make for a fine Gord-O-Hangover!

Tickets and reservation details to follow .

Thank you all for your support, as we all look forward to a good ole Gord-O-Time!

From the Mihaichuk & Saundercook families!


2016 Children’s Program

Every year we try to come up with a catchy opening to our newsletter, this year we thought we would keep it simple; only 11 weeks until the start of The Thunder Beach Children’s Camp 2016!  For a variety of reasons, that may be either good or potentially startling news for you.  For us as the camp directors it means there is a lot going on.  We are pleased to announce that Susan and Dave Butler, have remained in their positions for the upcoming season.  This should allow for continuity and consistency with programming and provide stability when it comes to facilitating a great camp experience for the children.  Again, we thank Michelle Morneau for all her hard work over the last 3 years.  As Michelle steps down, Melissa Gage has been working with Susan and Dave to staff our program for the 2016 season.

Once again this year, we were pleased to have many applicants for the role of counsellor and CIT.  Demand was so high that our C.I.T. positions were adjusted to 2 weeks in length, instead of a full month, in order to allow all applicants an opportunity to become part of our camp experience.  In the last week we have sent official offers of employment to the counsellors and contracted volunteer hours to the CIT’s.  Within the next couple of weeks we hope to have the final roster of counsellors and CIT’s completed.

We are thrilled to announce the return of Emily Meyer and Betsy Smith as “Co-Head Counsellors” this year! These 2 dynamos were an excellent addition to the program last year and we are glad to welcome them back.  Their creativity and enthusiasm, now combined with experience gained in 2015, will ensure our campers are safe and having fun.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: There is new Ontario legislation in place that changes the age at which we can accept young campers.  ALL campers MUST be aged 4 or above to access camp this season. All parents will be required to sign a waiver stating their child’s date of birth.

Below we have provided a reminder of times and cost for camp throughout the summer.


Play School – ages 4-6

*6 is included in Play School as the 6 year olds have the option of being in Play School

Junior Sports Camp – ages 6-9

*6 is included in Junior Sports Camp as the 6 year olds have the option of being in Junior Sports Camp

*The younger kids in Junior Sports Camp also have the option to do the Play School craft

Senior Sports Camp – ages 10 and up



















BALL PLAY (4 - 5 year olds)

JUNIOR TENNIS (6 – 9 year olds)

SENIOR TENNIS (10 and up)









*Ball play is physical activities promoting hand-eye coordination and gross motor movement leading up to tennis play.

*The above scheduled timing will remain the same in the event of rain on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If/when it rains the children will report to the club house for indoor activities.








JULY (1 – 31)


AUGUST (1-31)






The “Flexible Family Plan” will remain in effect for the 2016 season.  This package allows families to purchase in advance 10 days of camp for the price of $100. This package will continue to be available throughout the summer. Just a reminder that this package must be purchased in advance, may only be used by children within an immediate family whose names have been registered in advance, and are non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be carried over from one summer to the next.

Camp scheduling information will be listed as part of the Children’s Summer Calendar which accompanies your roster.  Please feel free to contact us with inquiries or feedback at:

  • melissa.gage@hotmail.com
  • daveybutski@gmail.com
  • doingood7@yahoo.com 

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the beach!!!

Susan Butler, Dave Butler and Melissa Gage, Thunder Beach Children’s Camp Directors

Thunder Beach 2016 Tennis Season

Game, Set and Match…We look forward to Spring and Summer of 2016 and opening the courts for play.  Remember you must be a TBA member and also be a tennis member to play on the courts – TBA memberships and tennis memberships can be purchased from TBA website.    

We will once again use the shoe tag system as a part of your membership we will encourage the use of the tennis tags for all members (we will be monitoring the courts).

Re-surfacing and the maintenance of the courts continues to be a highest priority.  TBA executive has the funding and a plan in place to resurface the courts.  The research has been completed and the price is competitive.  We have chosen Tennex Systems Inc. as our contractor and they are one of the best in the industry.   At the time of this Newsletter we are in talks and negotiations with Tennex Systems to re-surface the tennis courts in May/June of this year 2016.  If we cannot agree on a due date that does not disrupt play for the summer then re-surfacing will take place in Spring of 2017 (May/June 2017).  Feel free to google the method they use to resurface the courts using “Armor Crack” … many clients are happy with the results.  Silverbirch tennis courts were completed last year and they play and look great.


We have an additional expense to replace the NET POSTS (we have 6 net posts in total – 2 per court).  There is a cost to install each post (6) and a cost to purchase the net posts (price is per pair).  The net posts need to be replaced and this is the best time to do it.  We will also have some added expense for new brooms and rollers for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the tennis courts.

Going forward the TBA executive has implemented a “tennis fund” to be put aside each year so that in 5 to 7 years (depending on weather etc) the re-surfacing funds will be available.

I need a volunteer to take over the tennis duties which include:  Organizing and running the Adult tournaments, monitoring the courts, making sure the sign-up sheets are available.  Please email me or call me if you are interested.

We have finalized the dates for our annual tournaments

  • Gord Chapple TBA Mixed Doubles Adult Tournament – July 9th, 2016 – this is part of the Gord Chapple Day
  • Men’s Doubles Adult Tennis Tournament July 23rd, 2016
  • Women’s Doubles Adult Tennis Tournament August 6th, 2016
  • We will post all dates on the website and on the TBA calendar.  Must be 16 years old or older to play.

We would also appreciate your ideas, thoughts and feedback for this upcoming season matt.ducharme@sympatico.ca . It is important that we hear from you.

See you on the courts.

Matt DuCharme, Tennis Director

Getting some tips on my serve!

Thunder 2016 Beach Maintenance Report

Maintenance covers the following areas – Clubhouse and washrooms, Garbage bins, Playground area, TBA field, Baseball diamond, Tennis courts, install and removal of buoys and clean up after the TBA parties.  Maintenance is an area that we need to continually look at improving and again this year we have partnered with Harbourview Property Management.  http://www.harbourviewpm.com

Discussions have already taken place to repair/clean the fans in the clubhouse and correct some of the electrical requirements for safety and security reasons.  Harbourview will also take an active role in the installation of the new playground equipment.  

Harbourview Property Management and I would make every effort to speak to any TBA member regarding any suggestions, issues or concerns with managing and maintaining the beauty of Thunder Beach.

Matt DuCharme, TBA Maintenance/Property Director

"Batter Up!" - 25th Anniversary year!!

Thunder Beach Youth Baseball: Get involved and help celebrate 25 years of amazing youth baseball at Thunder Beach. Starts Tuesday July 2. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 and 5 pm . Finals on July 22 .  Teams will be posted at the TBA Clubhouse and tennis courts. Games will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 4:15. All players between 6 and 15 are welcome. No experience necessary (It has been years since anyone struck out!). $20 per player. Volunteer coaches please contact Doug Jones: djones000@sympatico.ca or 705.533.2385 or 519.884.4359. Sponsors for special anniversary jerseys welcome.  

Doug Jones, TBA Youth Baseball Coordinator


2016 Luke Santi Memorial Flag Football Tournament

We are excited to welcome everyone to the 13th year of great flag football at Thunder Beach. The tournament, renamed in honour of Luke Santi in 2008, has enabled hundreds of children to participate in a weeklong series of games.  We appreciate ALL the help from our many friends, parents and grandparents.

We are very pleased that Connor Houston will continue in the role of Player, Coach and Draft Coordinator.  Connor, along with the Smeaton and Santi families, will handle tournament planning, logistics and communications.

If you are interested in playing, coaching, refereeing or volunteering, please contact Connor directly, by text or phone to 416.844.2730.  You can also register using the sign-up sheets that will be posted in early July at the Clubhouse and the Store. We appreciate players registering before Wednesday, July 20th. This allows us to determine an accurate participation and age count.

This year’s tournament schedule is as follows:  NOTE SOME CHANGES

  • Monday July 25th:  ‘Pre-Season’ practice games (2:00 & 3:00pm)
  • Tues July 26th to Thurs July 28th: League games (3:30 & 4:30pm)
  • Friday July 29th:  Consolation and Championship games (3:30 & 4:30pm), followed by the popular adult game and the traditional tailgate BBQ!

The addition of the ‘pre-season’ practice games will help to ensure the teams are well balanced.  Jersey pickup and payment will take place JUST BEFORE the practice games on Monday.  The scheduling of the Championship and Adult games to FRIDAY is to allow more participation and fan attendance for those traveling to TB for the weekend.

Watch for additional details, including sign-up sheets/information posted at the Friendly Corner Store and the Clubhouse. The fee is $20.00 per player.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Connor Houston / Gordon, Martha, Quinn and Matthew Smeaton / Luigi, Shelagh, Andrea and Janelle Santi

July 16th: The Annual Tawny Richard Memorial Volleyball Tournament

The Annual Tawny Richard Memorial Volleyball Tournament will be held on Saturday July 16, 2016 starting in the late morning.  It will follow the same format as last year, where individuals are assigned to a team upon arrival and there is a small fee per player to cover costs.  It’s a great way to mix and mingle with Thunder Beachers.  We would like to thank the Butler and Bolt family for graciously agreeing to host this event again on East Beach (just a few cottages east of the Simcoe Country road right-a-way).  Remember to walk (not drive) and to respect their property and the neighbouring properties.  Further details to come regarding sign-up, starting times, and registration fees.

 John Philpott

Thunder Run

Held in  August  – look for date and time in Calendar and watch for more details to come.

Golf Update

We have decided to take a break from organizing a golf tournament this year. Dave Northcott with the help of his family has done an awesome job over the last number of years.  We  know there are  a lot of keen golfers in the Thunder Beach community and we look forward to many more golfing events in the future. Anyone who is interested in helping to organize future events please let us know. We are very open to fresh ideas and considering different formats and if anyone is really keen to do something this August please let us know.


Thunder Beach Dock Company: Notice to Members

Greetings to all Thunder Beach Gas Dock Members!

The Gas Dock will be open for business on weekends throughout June.  Full service on weekdays and weekends will resume on July 1.  

Our hours of operation will be as follows:  

Monday to Friday:  12 – 3 pm (as of July 1)

Saturday, Sunday and holidays:  10 am to 3 pm (as of the May long weekend)

Members who would like to rent docking space are invited to contact Bill McNamara at (416) 865-7988 during the week or (705) 533-2493 on weekends.  

Please do not forget to renew your Dock memberships for 2016 ($150 per family).  Your support is an essential component of the Dock’s financial viability.  

We are also looking for 2 or 3 young persons who would be interested in staffing the Dock this summer (16 years of age or older).  Please contact Bill McNamara at the numbers indicated above.

We look forward to seeing you on the water!

John Burns, Mike Mihaichuk, Bill McNamara


Thunder Beach will continue to be a member of FOTTSA through the summer of 2016.  

FOTTSA monitors all meetings of the Tiny of Township council and posts information on Township matters at www.tinycottager.org.  Any concerns regarding municipal issues with the Township of Tiny can be raised with John Philpott, Thunder Beach’s FOTTSA representative, at jsphilpott@gmail.com.

As a member of FOTTSA, you are entitled to a number of discounts in the LaFontaine, Penetang, and Midland area.  The participating businesses are posted on the FOTTSA website, www.tinycottager.org, usually in June.  You can get your FOTTSA member card at the July Field Day or emailing to jsphilpott@gmail.com.  

FOTTSA remains involved in a host of environmental issues, including increasing presence of phragmites and the decreasing water levels for Lake Huron.  Thunder Beach participates in water testing with FOTTSA for information gathering purposes.  More information on phragmites can be found at www.tinycottager.org and at www.stoptheinvasion.ca.  More information on the water levels can also be found at http://restoreourwater.com/ (which is associated with FOTTSA), www.georgianbayforever.org, and www.stopthedrop.ca.  By way of update, the Federal Government has recently announced that it will provide funding to study structural options to restore the water levels in Michigan-Huron.  This is a major step forward in the campaign to maintain the water levels in Georgian Bay.  

John Philpott

Farmers Market - The Thunder Beach General