Renew Your 2019 TBA Membership ⛱☀️

March 25, 2019

President’s Message:

Warmer days are on the way.  The TBA Executive is working on the spring newsletter and it will be available and sent out very soon. The renovation to the Clubhouse is looking great – make sure you check it out when you arrive for 2019 spring cleanup.  

2019 TBA memberships and all other TBA programming is now available for purchase online. The deadline to purchase your membership to be included in the TBA members Roster is April 30th, 2019. This year, Field Day and Lobsterfest are on June 29th, and the August Field Day and Event Night is August 3rd. 

We are looking for NEW members and we ask that you spread the news to all, tell your neighbours and if you are 25 years old and older you need to have your own membership. 

Summer 2019 means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach and having fun.

See you soon,

Matt DuCharme
TBA President 2019