Spring 2020 Thunder Beach Association Newsletter

April 27, 2020

President's Message

Dear Community Members, 

During this surreal and difficult spring, we look forward with cautious optimism to better days ahead.  I hope you are staying safe, in good health, and are able to read this Spring newsletter from the Thunder Beach Association (“TBA”) with a sense of hope.  

The TBA is pragmatically preparing, in terms of this summer and future years, to ensure that the TBA remains a special part of summer for the children of Thunder Beach for generations to come.  

First and foremost, this requires your continued support as members.  Please go to thunderbeach.org/pages/memberships and buy your membership.  Renewing your membership is a show of support for our community that also recognizes the ongoing costs and expenses of the TBA as a non-profit organization.  We trust this year’s Roster will continue to be a symbol of our continued community spirit while also being a helpful community resource (particularly in times of physical distancing).

We will also be releasing new Thunder Beach apparel which will be available for sale online.  Keep your eyes open for an email on that in the coming weeks.  Sporting the new apparel will be a prime way of showing our solidarity in times of physical distancing.  

In terms of programming, the TBA will continue to follow all guidance from Tiny Township, our Provincial and Federal governments, and recommended practices from community and medical resources in regards to COVID-19.  At present, we are solely making general memberships available for purchase.  We are not yet making available camp registrations, tennis memberships, tickets to social events, or doing sign-up for other sporting leagues and events.  Further announcements about registrations, details, and dates for camp, social events, sport leagues and events can be expected closer to summer in line with government guidance.  

Despite the potential for a different kind of summer, we ask for your continued support to meet our expenses, to allow us to be in the best position for what programming this summer safely permits, and to show our unity as a community.  

We ask that this starts by renewing your memberships!  The deadline to purchase your membership to be included in the Roster is May 15th, but no need to wait.  Please go to thunderbeach.org/pages/memberships today!

Thank you,

John Philpott

President, Thunder Beach Association 


Sponsorship for the TBA Roster and Website

We are so pleased that a number of businesses continue to place advertising in our roster and on our website

We strongly encourage all our members to support the businesses in our community, especially at this time, when owners are struggling to remain open and provide employment for others.

Susan Inwood 


Thunder Beach Children's Camp

Spring is here which means Camp is slowly getting ready behind the scenes. It's always an exciting time, because it's a nice reminder we will be enjoying the beach and seeing our friends really soon.  We will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and will ensure that our community’s safety is always the number one priority.  

I am super excited to announce Liam Campbell as the new Head Counsellor!  He brings a lot of leadership skills and experience working with kids and adults. When Liam is not at his cottage he is teaching karate and coaches Freestyle skiing at Caledon Ski Club. 

Our new Assistant Head Counsellor is Olivia Blythe-Wolfe. Olivia brings lots of creativity and organizational skills to camp. She is also fantastic with kids and will bring direction where needed. I feel confident that their combined experience and leadership will ensure a smooth transition for another fantastic year at camp!

The safety and health of campers and staff is always the highest priority for TBA. This is true now more than ever.  At present, registration is not yet open for camp as we continue to monitor the situation. 

If camp is permitted, new measures will be implemented this summer, including the following: 

Hand washing and Sanitizing 

  • On Monday morning preschoolers and Jr campers will be taught the correct hand washing procedures.

  • Hand washing or sanitizing breaks after every single activity.

  • Hand washing to be emphasized before and after snack and lunch and before and after the use of the washroom.

  • Hand Sanitizer available in every room.

Disinfecting Surfaces and Materials

  • Use a disinfectant, before and after use of any surface such as tables, kitchen, etc.
  • Use a disinfectant, before and after use of any materials and equipment such as balls, pencils, board games etc.

Limiting the Spread of Germs

  • On Monday mornings, all kids will be taught the proper way to cover their cough: with the inside of the elbow.

  • Kids will be instructed to not touch their faces, if they do so they will need to wash or sanitize their hands again.

  • Kids will be instructed to not touch their faces, if they do so they will need to wash or sanitize their hands again.

Procedures for Maintaining a Safe Environment at Camp

  • Children are asked to not come to camp if they had a fever in the last 24 hours

  • If a child seems sluggish or is complaining that he does not feel well, will be sent home

*Please remember flip flops, Crocs or sandals are not permitted during camp.


Play School – ages 4-6

Junior Sports Camp – ages 6-9  (Note that 6 year olds have the option of Play School or Junior Sports Camp)

Senior Sports Camp – ages 10 and up




















BALL PLAY (4 - 5 year olds)

JUNIOR TENNIS (6 – 9 year olds)

SENIOR TENNIS (10 and up)










*Ball play is physical activities promoting hand-eye coordination and gross motor movement leading up to tennis play.

*The above scheduled timing will remain the same in the event of rain on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If it rains the children will report to the clubhouse for indoor activities.

All of this information is available at www.thunderbeach.org and is subject to change.  Please continue to monitor the website and our email updates for future details about camp registration.  Please feel free to contact Christine Lundy with inquiries or feedback at:


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the beach!

Christine Lundy, Children's Program Director

Traffic and Parking

Thanks to an initiative undertaken by Tristin Carter, the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on our beach roads will be increased.

Tiny Township has made the following changes to roadside parking on Centre Beach Road and Thunder Bay Lane:

Centre Beach Road will be deemed an Emergency Access Road and as such prohibits ALL parking on the entire roadway. New signage will be posted. Signage will be posted at the all entrance to Centre Beach Road.

Thunder Beach Lane will allow parking ONLY on the south side for 6 spaces (Permit Parking Only). This will ensure better traffic flow and increased safety for pedestrians.

Susan Inwood 

Thunder Beach Dock Company: Notice to Members

Greetings to all returning Thunder Beach Gas Dock Members and soon-to-be Dock Members!Subject to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are hoping to open the Gas Dock on the May long weekend, on weekends throughout June and on weekdays and weekends as of July 1.

Our hours of operation will be as follows: 

Saturday, Sunday and holidays:  10 am to 4 pm (as of the May long weekend)

 Monday to Friday:  11 am to 3 pm (as of July 1)

Please do not forget to renew your Dock memberships for 2020 ($165 per family).  Your membership support is an essential component of the Dock’s financial viability. 

Become a Dock Company member now

We look forward to seeing you on the water!

John Burns, Todd McCarthy, Bill McNamara

Property Update

All our TBA facilities are closed for use until we are given the clear to reopen them by the local and provincial governments. Please refrain from using these facilities, including the playground. Apologies to all those who have been impacted. 

Geoff MacGregor

Lights Out Thunder Beach

As practiced last summer, we ask everyone to turn all outdoor lights off and keep indoor lights to a minimum so that we can enjoy the night sky to its fullest extent. 

August 11th and 12th 2020 coincide with the Perseid meteor shower which begins July 17, 2020 and ends on August 26, 2020.  This meteor shower will be at its peak during the nights of August 11th and 12th this year.

Get your candles and flashlights ready for an evening under the sky!

We would also like to remind everyone to be mindful of unnecessary outdoor lighting at other times of year so we can all enjoy the night sky throughout the coming Spring and Summer.  ‬

Wishart Spence Award

The Wishart Spence Award is presented to a member of the Thunder Beach community who has shown outstanding community service.

This is generally awarded every two years or from time to time as determined by the Thunder Beach Association Executive.  Nominations from community members will be reviewed and considered by the Thunder Beach Association Executive. The Executive focuses on outstanding community service and considers the impact and scope of the community contribution(s), the sacrifices made by the nominee, and community support.  Past nominations/nominees will continue to be considered. The award is presented at the Annual General Meeting.

Please consider nominating someone who has made a positive impact on our Thunder Beach community by going to the Wishart Spence Award page and clicking on the NOMINATION FORM button.  

Stay Supportive, Connected, and Informed on COVID-19

As set out in prior TBA emails, we encourage our members to support our front line health care workers and others in need.  For those who missed it, a message from the Georgian Bay General Hospital thanking the TBA for its support and setting out what you can do can be found here.  

Information regarding the steps being taken by Tiny Township regarding COVID-19 can be found here: https://www.tiny.ca/coronavirus.  Some food pick-up/delivery options and ideas for isolation activities published by FOTTSA can be found here.  Please follow Thunder Beach on Facebook and @thunderbeach on Instagram for further updates and some great vistas.  

We may be physically apart now, but we can still be socially connected in many ways and continue to explore ways to connect as a TBA community.  Please buy your membership and we’ll meet again.  To borrow some inspiration from the Vera Lynn tune, 

We’ll meet again, 

I know where, 

but not when,

But I know we’ll meet again, at the T.B.A…. 


The Thunder Beach Executive