Spring 2021 Thunder Beach Association Newsletter

May 19, 2021

President's Message

Happy Spring Thunder Beach!

This past year has reminded us more than ever of the importance of our Thunder Beach community.  Thank you to all those who have already purchased their memberships.  If you have not yet done so, please do continue to support our community and to enjoy the benefits of membership for this year and future years by becoming a member.  Thanks to your membership purchases throughout the pandemic, we remain in a sound financial position as a non-profit organization.  You can purchase your 2021 TBA membership at thunderbeach.org.

We also encourage everyone to continue support to the Thunder Beach Dock Company with memberships as well as the Thunder Beach Highlands golf courseTennis memberships are also available to purchase at this time.

This summer holds much promise and we are prepared to make the most of it.  The key function of the Thunder Beach Association is the subsidized children’s camp.  The camp is where so many community members made lifelong friendships, had their first employment experience, and then, later in life, watched their own children attend.  Camp will proceed in line with the regulations and guidelines set by Ontario, Simcoe-Muskoka, and Tiny Township.  See below from Camp Director Christine Lundy for the safety protocols which will be implemented, subject to government regulations or guidance.  

We can also advise that the same approach will be followed for the Thunder Beach Baseball and Flag Football leagues.  If allowed by provincial regulation and local guidelines, they will proceed with safety measures in place for those who choose to participate.  

Each activity will be approached on a case by case and we will do the most we can to maintain our tradition of community sports, including the Thunder Run, volleyball, basketball, tennis (including drop in and tournaments).  

There is no reasonable expectation of having our traditional social events of Lobsterfest and the August themed dinner, but keep a lookout for creative substitutes.  Even with social distancing, we remain inherently social as Thunder Beachers!  

We are pleased to announce and welcome a new maintenance contractor through our very own Billy Richardson and his company Incredible Maintenance.  Billy lives locally on Green Point Road and has been terrific to work with.  

There is great news in terms of road safety, with a reduced speed limit on Silver Birch and a solar radar sign is being placed at the bottom of Thunder Beach Road.  We continue to push for decreased speed limits, particularly around the Clubhouse and the Friendly Corner Store.  While the municipal speed limit may remain 40 km, we ask all those in the community to keep it below 30 km during July and August.  

The TBA will continue to stay involved in other municipal and environmental issues.  For those property owners who opted to contract for Gypsy Moth spraying, it should roll out in the coming weeks.  See below for more information.  

Lots more news will be rolling out in the upcoming weeks and months, including on news on  permitted sporting events, and much more.  Keep an eye on your email for updates from news@thunderbeach.org 

It is with a heavy heart that we recognize the passing of some of our most beloved community members, which are set out further below.  It is a testament to the strength of our community of how difficult it is when someone is no longer with us.  Their impacts on Thunder Beach do live on and pass through the generations.  

John Philpott

TBA President 

Gypsy Moth Aerial Spray Control Program Update

For those property owners who decided to participate, spray dates are fast approaching for the gypsy moth aerial spray control program in the Thunder Beach community.  Zimmer Air suggests checking their website map for updated info regarding spray dates and guidelines.  They also plan to provide dates to both Tiny Township and Simcoe County to post on their respective websites closer to the actual spray dates. 

Currently Zimmer’s website map shows approx. May 29-31 for the first spray date in Tiny Township.   The second spray date follows within approx. 10 days.    

Important information to note from the Zimmer Air website:

“Aerial applications will begin when we have 90% hatch and sufficient leaf out has been achieved.  Refer to the Map on the Website for your area.  This a GUIDE and NOT a “must spray date”.  

“Applying the Btk to align with all requirements may provide some anxiety as you are seeing caterpillars, but rest assured we will be able to provide effective gypsy moth larvae control based on our proven science based application methods.”

 Zimmer’s Website also includes a list of FAQ’s   

Some helpful suggestions re Btk spraying follow:

While no special precautions need to be taken, the following measures may be considered by residents living in treatment areas:

  • Whenever possible, remain indoors for 30 minutes after spraying to allow for the droplets to deposit.
  • Bring laundry, toys, cushions and pets indoors before spraying begins.
  • Practice good personal and food hygiene (e.g., hand washing after outdoor activities, especially after gardening; leaving outdoor shoes at the door; washing all fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking). 
  • Covering lawn furniture, outdoor tables, pools, BBQs, play equipment and sandboxes and/or rinsing them off with water after spraying is finished.
  • Minimize opening and closing windows and doors during the spraying.
  • Shutting off the heating/cooling vents or selecting the recirculate setting. 

It is recommended that you cover all surfaces you would prefer not to be exposed to a film of spray or wash with water soon after spraying.  

The spray does not damage automobile, trailer or boat paint or finishes.  It can be washed off with water soon after the spray.  If left to harden it may take more effort to wash off.  

We also have an FAQ list available that can be accessed at any time from thunderbeach.org under resources.   Property owners are encouraged to review this information which includes additional proactive measures recommended to be taken throughout the year to help control the gypsy moth population.

Thanks for your support of the gypsy moth spray control program and for your ongoing efforts helping protect the trees in our community. 

Here’s to a successful spray season and safe summer for all!  

Barb Reidl       


Cougar Sighting

Several Thunder Beachers have sighted a cougar in the East Beach area.   Residents are advised to be cautious this Spring when spending time outdoors running and walking near our wooded areas. Cougars are rarely aggressive towards humans and usually avoid contact with people whenever possible. If you see or encounter a cougar  do not try to capture the animal.  Seek a safe location, stay there, and call the police.  

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario, there has never been a confirmed attack of a cougar on a human in Ontario. If you  encounter a cougar you should slowly back away from the animal, stand tall and try to look as large as possible. If necessary, throw objects and yell at the animal.

About Cougars in Ontario

Camp Update

Although these past few months have been challenging, we know that sunshine combined with laughter is good for the soul. If camp goes ahead this summer, we will have lots of fun in the sun scheduled at the Thunder Beach Camp! 

I know you have questions about what summer camp will look like this year. Our summer camp model will be modified to enhance the health and safety of our staff and campers. For starters, all camp programs will be held outside at all times. Field trips will be cancelled and there will be no camp on rainy days. Counsellors/CITs will be assigned to an age group and must remain together until the end of the week. Guests/friends will not be permitted to join camp programs this also includes Movie nights, Wednesday activity nights and Teen activity nights. 

With guidance from our provincial/federal government, we are going to follow COVID-19 safety precautions within our programs which include social distancing, frequent handwashing and enhanced sanitation stations. I have been and will continue to monitor developments regarding COVID-19 ever changing protocols.  

As summer is fast approaching I want to update you on our COVID-19 camp safety protocols.

  • Group Size: As of now programs in consistent cohorts of no more than 15 camp participants must stay together throughout the duration of the week. Cohorts cannot mix with other cohorts. However, cohorts may be within the same room/space at the same time when they are guaranteed there will be no interaction/mixing between the cohorts at any point. 
  • Daily Screening: All campers will be temperature-checked and we will ask parents a set of questions about their child(ren) and their family’s recent health each time they are dropped off at camp. We will send any child home that demonstrates a fever or sickness. 
  • Drop off: Please allow for additional time at drop off for screening. You can now drop off your child(ren) as early as 9:45am Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Parents must get their child(ren) screened at the CLUBHOUSE before heading to tennis courts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. *Parents will be asked not to enter the Club House, Field, Play School playground or Tennis Courts while camp is in progress. 
  • Masks/Face Coverings: Masks or face coverings should be used if physical distancing of at least 2 meters cannot be maintained between cohorts. We ask all campers to bring their own face mask each day.
  • Floor markings and signage: We will be marking off safe distances throughout camp to help keep children appropriately spaced. Reminders for handwashing and social distancing will be posted throughout the camp. 
  • Hygiene: Handwashing breaks will be built into each group. In addition, there will be hand sanitizer stations in playschool, junior/senior sports and at the tennis courts. 
  • Cleaning: Cleaning and disinfecting, at least twice a day, frequently touched surfaces. 

Below I have provided a reminder of times and cost for camp throughout the summer. *Please remember flip flops, crocs or sandals are not permitted during camp. We also encourage campers to bring their own labelled water bottle. 


Play School – ages 4-6 (6 is included in Play School as the 6 year olds have the option of being in Play School) Junior Sports Camp – ages 6-9 (6 is included in Junior Sports Camp as the 6 year olds have the option of being in Junior Sports Camp) Senior Sports Camp – ages 10 and up. 




















BALL PLAY (4 - 5 year olds)

JUNIOR TENNIS (6 – 9 year olds)

SENIOR TENNIS (10 and up)









*Ball play is physical activities promoting hand-eye coordination and gross motor movement leading up to tennis play.









JULY (1 – 27)

$160  ($8 per day)

AUGUST (July 30 - Aug 24)

$160  ($8 per day)


$280  ($7 per day)



The “Flexible Family Plan” will remain in effect for the 2021 season.  This package allows families to purchase in advance 10 days of camp for the price of $130. This package will continue to be available throughout the summer. Just a reminder that this package must be purchased in advance, may only be used by children within an immediate family whose names have been registered in advance, and are non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be carried over from one summer to the next. 

Keep an eye on your email for any updates on camp, including potential restrictions, safety measures, and when you will be able to make a purchase for camp through thunderbeach.org.

Please feel free to contact me with inquiries or feedback at: crudics@rogers.com

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the beach!

Christine Lundy

Camp Director 

Youth Baseball and Football Leagues

 While the status of sports activities at Thunder Beach this summer is yet to be determined (as of this writing), we wanted to let everyone know that we are hopeful we can stage both the Thunder Beach Youth Baseball League and the Luke Santi Memorial Flag Football Tournament after an absence of one year. We have been working through the winter preparing for a variety of scenarios, safety requirements and protocols. For the first time, we are planning to include 16 year-olds as players in this year's football tournament and baseball league, as they missed their 'senior' year last summer. 

 The final decision to move forward is in the hands of the township and health authorities. We will follow their team sports directives and guidelines but we are well prepared in any circumstance. 

We want to thank all the families and friends who participate in these family events. We look forward to seeing everyone in July! 

Doug Jones  

Gordon, Martha, Quinn & Matthew Smeaton

Luigi, Shelagh, Andrea & Janelle Santi

Property Update

We are cautiously optimistic that we'll be better able to utilize the wonderful TBA property this summer but we ask that you please be patient as we continue to abide by the current public health guidelines. We'd also like to formally welcome our new property manager and fellow Thunder Beacher, Billy Richardson of Incredible Maintenance. We're very lucky to have him on board and he's already hard at work getting everything opened up for the season.

Geoff MacGregor

Vice President & Property/Maintenance

Thunder Beach Gas Dock

Subject to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are planning to open the Gas Dock on weekends in June and on weekdays and weekends from July 1 through to Labour Day. Our hours of operation will be as follows: 

  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays:  10 am to 4 pm
  • Monday to Friday:  11 am to 3 pm (as of July 1)

As many have noticed, the skirting on the east side of the Dock was heavily damaged over the winter. We are proceeding with the necessary repairs, which are expected to be complete by the Victoria Day weekend in May. To cover the cost, the Dock membership fee will be increased, to $200 per family (from $165 in 2020). There will also be a modest increase in our berthage fees.

Please do not forget to renew your Dock memberships for 2021.  Your support is an essential component of the Dock’s financial viability. 

Become a Dock Company member now

We look forward to seeing you on the water!

John Burns, Todd McCarthy, Bill McNamara

Thunder Beach Apparel 2021 - Coming Soon!

We are continuing to provide Thunder Beachers with a variety of apparel items for the 2021 season. This year, items such as T-shirts, Long Sleeve shirts, Crewnecks, and Hoodies will be available with our "updated" retro logo. We are pleased to have new items available for you including Joggers, Vests, Jackets, Hats and more!

We will once again offer purchasing through online ordering. Items will be available to pick up on July 3rd, 2021 from the clubhouse. 

Stay tuned for an email that will let you know when apparel can be purchased!

Sponsorship for the TBA Roster and Website

Thank you to all of the businesses that continue to support our community through the placement of ads in our TBA Roster and on our website. We also welcome four new sponsors this year.

We strongly encourage all members to support the businesses in our community, especially at this time, when owners are struggling to remain open and provide employment for others. 

Road Safety

Tiny Township has decreased the speed limit on Silver Birch Drive from 60 km/h to 50 km/h. We feel that this is a direct consequence of the Thunder Beach Road Safety Survey results that were presented to Tiny Council last October. 

The Council has also voted to install a solar radar sign on Thunder Beach Road at Green Point Road. The sign will be located near the transition of 80 km/h to 40 km/hr facing northbound traffic.  While we had asked for a three stop sign at the corner, this will hopefully slow traffic approaching this intersection and continuing through our beach roads. 

Tiny Township has indicated that they will study each of the recommendations from the survey and determine if each one is feasible and consistent. In addition, the Township has provided the results of our traffic study to the consultants for the Township's Transportation Master Plan that is due for completion at the end of this year. 


David Holland

Sharing the sad news that long-time Centre Beach cottager Dave Holland passed away peacefully at age 87 on January 17, 2021 with family by his side at home in Mississauga.

Dave was a true gentleman with old-fashioned values as well as a gifted athlete who enjoyed spending time with friends and family skiing at Devil’s Glen and playing tennis regularly at the Thunder Beach courts. 

The family cottage at Thunder Beach was Dave’s favourite place to be!  Dave was first introduced to Thunder Beach in the late 1930’s renting various cottages with his parents and brother.  There are some great old photos of Dave at the beach in the photo gallery with his obituary online.  With sympathy from the Thunder Beach community to Marilyn, his wife of 57 years, and their two daughters, Jennifer Sinstead and Nancy Eastman (Ken) on their loss.  Dave was the much loved Grandpa to five grandchildren Kira, Dylan, Connor, Mitchell and Charlie.



Peter McGoran

Peter Lindsay McGoran, 63, of Toronto, passed away on April 11th after a tough battle with cancer.

Peter was born on November 10th, 1957 to Connie and Dave in Toronto. Growing up with sister Beth, and going on to have three children, Lindsay, Kaitlin (Lander) and Matthew.

Peter was a force of nature, determined to provide for his family. His family and countless friends he considered family meant more to him than anything else in the world. Anyone who knew Peter would know that he was the most loving father and friend a person could ask for.

As Peter was bigger than life there will be a celebration of life at a future date, when we can celebrate the way Peter would have wanted.


Dinos Papastathis

Dinos Papastathis passed away on May 15, 2021 at the age of 83 peacefully at home with the family by his side.  His family will be forever grateful for the time spent with him at his home in the recent months. 

Dinos leaves behind family and friends that he fiercely supported, protected and loved.  He was a devoted husband for 53 years to Toula Papastathis. He was a loving father to his children and his children’s spouses, Eve (and Peter), George (and Jenny) and Maria (and Marc) and an immensely proud grandfather/Papou to his 4 grandchildren, Dean, Elena, Nicolas and Eva. His spark touched so many and he will be dearly missed.