Winter 2013 TBA Newsletter

November 27, 2013


President's Message

Another summer is over, and the winter months are already fast approaching. Although the weather last summer was not as warm as some of us would have liked, it was nice enough to ensure excellent event participation by all our members and their families. 2013 saw the rejuvenation of our children’s program with new ideas and innovations resulting in stronger attendance and the continuation of our progressive tennis on the courts. Both of which we will continue to build on again next year.

We participated in 2013 in the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Association (FOTTSA) in our attempt to make our voice heard in the deliberations regarding water levels of Georgian Bay. Later on in this newsletter you will see a report from John Philpott, our representative on this Association, on our progress to date. We plan on continuing our participation in 2014.

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